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Your Priorities May Shift, and That's OK!
A word of caution: As we begin this process, you may have “needs” in mind that

will actually turn into “wants” once we’ve looked at some homes together and

there may also be “wants” that turn into “needs.” Your wishlist is a starting point —

your criteria may change over the course of our search. If you find this to be the

case, please let me know so that I can adjust my strategy to suit your best


I Employ a Host of Tools to Find the Home that is Right for You:

  • Multiple Listing Service: I create custom reports for my clients containing
    their specific search criteria. While we are in the process of searching for a home,
    I will perform regular searches and keep you apprised of any new listings suited to your needs.

  • Upcoming Listings: I make it a point to network regularly with my colleagues and learn of any new homes

  • that will be coming on the market, giving my clients a jump on the competition.

  • For Sale by Owner Properties: I keep my eyes open for “For Sale by Owner” properties that might suit your criteria.

  • Prospect by Criteria: If there is a particular area that you are interested in or if I know of homes that match your physical criteria, I will use that opportunity to prospect for unlisted properties that might be interested in selling!


Learn the Neighborhoods.
The goal is not only to identify which communities appeal to you the most, but also identify those to exclude from your future search. If you're not familiar with the area, drive around until you feel home. Of course I can make reccomendations based on your criteria as well. Think about commuting time, friends & family, schools, and anything else that may apply to you when determining a location.

Know your timeline.
30-90 days is the most common timeline for a closing. Every circumstance is different but if you do have control over your home search it is ideal to begin your search at least 3 months from your ideal closing date. It's never a bad idea to get yourself into the market and on a preliminary search before that but to avoid unnecessary stress, don't leave yourself less than 3 months if you don't have to. This is not to say that it will take 90 days to find a home but rather that you want to have the flexibility to select a closing date that works best for you and have time to prepare for the move.

Love or Like?

  • Are you looking for a home you absolutely love or is ‘liking it a lot’ sufficient? Remember that most buyers choose homes that fit current and pending lifestyles and expect to move several times in their life.

  • Think about how long you plan to live in this next home.

  • Identify a Fall Back Home.

  • When entering into negotiations with a seller, it can be very liberating to know that, if this doesn’t work out, there is another home to fall back to. It will also provide leverage during negotiations.

Let's see some contenders.

Together we have identified some potential new homes, you've seen the specs and the pictures but there's nothing like walking through a home. We will find a time that works for you and your family, it is usually best if all of the decision-makers attend the viewings together. It can be a bit overwhelming when going through many properties so it's important to limit our showings to 3-5 properties at a time. After viewing and discussing any contenders I will ask you the following question: Would you be disappointed to learn tomorrow that this home has sold to someone else? If the answer is yes, then the time has come to prepare an offer to purchase. Let me know when you are ready to move forward.

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